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The mining industry has limited surety options. Smith Manus has a proven track record of success for the mining industry.

development bond

We work with a wide variety of companies that develop property – some residential subdivisions – some commercial projects.


Smith Manus provides performance and payment bonds on behalf of the construction industry. Just as every construction trade is different, so is each business.


Smith Manus has a proven track record and extensive experience in providing surety programs to the waste industry.

Smith Manus Is An Acrisure Agency Partner

After many years operating as one of the largest independent brokers, Smith Manus became an agency partner of Acrisure in 2014. Through their unique approach, Acrisure has quickly grown to be a top 10 insurance broker in the world, further strengthening the Smith Manus brand.

real estate bonding

Extensive Knowledge Of Surety Bonding

For over 40 years, Smith Manus has made supporting clients our primary concern. We serve customers of all sizes, from a variety of industries. Most importantly, we aim to provide a straightforward, risk-based approach to developing surety programs. Though we do business with many Fortune 500 companies, we are very proud of our entrepreneurial roots which allow us to serve companies of all shapes and sizes. We work to develop optimal outcomes – every scenario is different, but surety bonding is equally vital to all businesses.

Nationwide Reach, Localized Approach

Benefits of the programs we provide can be seen across North America.

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